Mission Statement

Founded in 2010, LaCell provides stem cell researchers and the biotechnology community with the highest quality primary stem cells at a price you will love.

About Us

LaCell is a company of stem cell researchers based out of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center in New Orleans, Louisiana with customers around the world. We are passionate about the clinical translation of stem cell research and regenerative medicine, which is evident by our extensive research and innovation. Our team is ready and excited to provide your laboratory with the highest quality premium stem cells, culture media, testing reagents, and contract research services.

Press Releases

Only the Highest Ethical and Quality Standards

As researchers, we are committed to performing our experiments according to the highest ethical standards. As such, all of our stem cells are obtained ethically with adult patient consent from the byproducts of surgical procedures such as liposuction. This allows us to keep our prices low and maintain strong ethical procedures, so you get the best adult stem cells for the lowest price.

We also know that quality is essential to you and your research. That’s why we maintain high quality control standards to make sure you are receiving cells and medium reagents up to sterility standards and with premium-level purity, for a price far below market standard.

Our Office

We are located at the New Orleans BioInnovation Center:

1441 Canal Street Suite 304, New Orleans, LA 70112 . Come visit us!