More Than Just a Stem Cell Company

When you buy LaCell stem cells, you are working to improve the scientific community’s understanding of how stem cells work.

We are a company of stem cell researchers, so we decided to do a little understanding of our own. Our stem cells have been used in important studies that we hope will one day improve stem cell applications in research and medicine.

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Some of Our Papers

LaCell is a fully functioning laboratory dedicated to improving the scientific community’s knowledge about stem cells. Our research is highly cited and addresses important issues in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, stem cell characterization, and even the creation of a new and improved in vitro adipocyte model

Putting Our Cells to Work

Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into a wide variety of cell types, and have been shown to improve wound healing. Let’s get these cells to work!

Treatment for Pressure Ulcers

In two of our recent studies, we assess a murine pressure ulcer model and show improved wound healing with injected adipose derived stem cells

Tissue Engineered Scaffolds

Our stem cells have been used to develop new technologies for creating tissue engineered scaffolds for regeneration of nipple-areolar complexes.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

Through a series of collaborations with Tulane University, we evaluate how adipose-derived stem cells improve treatment and slow disease progression of multiple sclerosis

Add Innovation to Our Resume

LaCell has developed a novel in vitro model that accurately mimics in vivo characteristics of adipocytes, called LaCell 3D. 

LaCell 3D is an easy-to-use model that provides all the functional characteristics of adipocytes, like hyperplasia, signet ring formation, hypertrophy, and cell-cell interactions. Not only is it easy and functional, it also costs less than in vivo models.

Use LaCell 3D for inexpensive drug discovery, phenotype screening, or reagent testing. Don’t want to do it yourself? LaCell is proud to offer low-cost contract research services. Give us a call at (504) 598-5246

LaCell 3D is manufactured and operated exclusively by LaCell’s subsidiary, Obatala Sciences